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Weston Police Station


The new facility will support the department’s “community-oriented agency” philosophy. A larger, more welcoming and accessible lobby links visitors directly to dispatch, the 40-seat, networked training/ presentation room, and a small, private family conference room.


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Police work is conducted in a series of well-equipped offices, interview rooms and evidence processing areas, and the booking and detention area is secure and contained. The station was designed as part of a new municipal campus.

Weston’s new police station provides more than  20,000 square feet versus the department's old 12,800-square-foot facility. The town's old station was built without a women’s locker room or restroom facilities. The new station has a women’s locker room / restroom facilities, and will be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, requiring more square footage in parts of the facility including hallways, rest rooms, and other areas.

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