Runkle School Brookline, MA
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Runkle School Brookline, MA is a newly renovated pre-K-8 school that opened its doors with a new look this fall. G&R Construction renovated the building to help the town deal with the mounting space crunch in the lower-grade schools caused by historic highs in enrollment.
Runkle was nearly doubled in size to 116,000 square feet to accommodate the 534 students, with the existing building gutted as part of the project.
Where once students had to work in hallways and music was taught under a stairwell, the new Runkle feels spacious and inviting, with wings for different grades and natural light seemingly flowing throughout the building. Important upgrades include a new gym, multi-purpose room, science labs and art room, as well as a library and multi-media space that is the first thing visitors see when they walk through the front door.

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