Needham Town Hall

G&R Construction had just eighteen months to complete the project, which involved the renovation of the 18,900-square-feet original structure and the construction of a 12,600-square-foot addition. Dennis Morel, a co-owner of G&R Construction, was the Superintendent of the project. Dan Aylward was the Senior Project Manager.

Construction began in December, 2009. There was no margin for error – or delay. The town was planning a lavish day-long ceremony commemorating its 300th anniversary at the Town Hall on November 5, 2011. Needham officials also wanted to dedicate the restored structure that day. “This wasn’t a floating deadline,” said Robert J. Morel, President of G&R Construction. “It was absolute.”

 “Everyone was awed,” Steven Popper, Director of Design and Construction for the town of Needham, said. “The workmanship was excellent, and the project balanced the preservation of history with our current-day needs in technology and efficiency.”  

"Needham’s Town Hall is a triumph for G&R Construction, the general contractor on the $13-million job."




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