DSC 6336Franklin Fire Headquarters


The new $9.3 million central fire station opened in the town center in 2008. Called the Franklin Fire Headquarters, the impressive 22,000-square-foot facility replaced the old, outmoded and crumbling Headquarters which was built in 1922. The new Fire Headquarters occupies the site of the former Headquarters on West Central Street in Franklin, MA. The gleaming new station certainly improves the look and feel of the downtown area.

Beyond the improved aesthetics, town officials have stressed that the new building’s larger vehicle bays were needed to accommodate today’s larger fire trucks and that the state-of-the-art dispatch system will improve efficiency.

The new Fire Headquarters includes a modern town emergency command center, decontamination areas for emergencies involving hazardous materials, and a new walk-in medical services room.  Better working conditions for fire department staff are apparent in the new separate male and female showers and individual bedrooms (which replace the single shower and same-sex dormitory of the old facility).
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