Solar Farms

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This Westford, MA project is our largest and most complex solar project completed to date. It consisted of substantial site work, distribution of solar components, and the electrical subcontracting. The project was completed in an remarkable 20 weeks from start of site work to sign off by the wiring inspector. Square footage was approximately 557,000 sf. The photo does not show phase 2A which has also been complete.


completed project72

G&R Construction converted an old sewage aeration fields in Barnstable, MA into a state of the art solar field. G&R performed all the sitework and distribution of all the electrical components. The total square footage of the array was approx 162,000 sf.


Chelmsford aerials2The Chelmsford, MA project was similar, with G&R performing all sitework and distribution. Total square footage was aprox 125,000 sf.