DSC 6198.72Littleton Police Station, Littleton, MA

Open for business: less than one year after breaking ground on November 21, 2008, the new Littleton Police Headquarters at 500 Great Road opened for business on October 28, 2009. A formal dedication ceremony was held on Sunday, December 6, 2009.

Project completed below budget.  Town Meeting voters in 2008 authorized total borrowing of $6,585,308 for the Littleton Police Headquarters project-- $300,000 was to complete design, and $6,285,308 was for construction. The amount expended for construction was only $6,023,303, $262,305 or 4.17% below budget.

Entrance Lobby
1. Completely secured/controlled and ability to isolate.
2. Controlled access to facility interior. Controlled deliveries.
3. Handicap accessible restrooms.
4. Full view approach.

Administrative Pod
1.  Secured and monitored.
2.  Within body of facility.
3.  Work space for current and future staff.
4.  Appropriate storage for supplies and mandated filing.
5.  Meeting space for staff and citizens.
6.  Secured waiting area.

Investigative Pod
1.  Allows for current and future operations.
2.  Interview rooms- 1 way glass Witness/Victims/Officers.
3.  Recording capabilities as mandated by statute.
4.  Storage - investigative. supplies.
5.  Evidence processing.
6.  Evidence storage as mandated.

Prisoner Processing/Holding Pod
1.  Secured Sally-port controlled by dispatch.
2.  Segregated from rest of building – weapons free.
3.  Area has one function.
4.  All prisoners isolated by site/sound per statute.
5.  Interrogation space for police/suspect – attorney/suspect.
6.  Direct monitoring by dispatch. 
7.  Secure ambulance transfer.
8.  Segregated juvenile/handicapped cell.


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