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Medford, MA Department of Public Works facility


The City of Medford dedicated the new 44,000-square-foot Department of Public Works facility to former mayor and long-time Medford public servant Alfred P. Pompeo. The following edited remarks about the New DPW Facility, by Mayor Michael McGlynn. This new public works facility is built on the same land on which the original facility, a WPA project, stood in 1937. The original Medford Municipal Garage lettering, the DPW weather vane, and the original city seal, all 1930’s vintage, have been reconditioned and installed on this new facility.

This massive pre-engineered metal building will provide offices for each division of public works as well as the Supervisor of Wires and the Sealer of Weights and Measures. For the first time it will handle all of the city’s vehicle maintenance, fire, police, and DPW, as well as wash bays for vehicles. It will also provide vehicle storage with a 4,500 square foot vehicle storage canopy and our first 4,000 square foot salt storage structure. It is an energy efficient, sustainable building that includes all interior and exterior LED lighting, a smart HVAC building management system, high efficiency boilers, and industrial de-stratification fans. It will also provide a consumer-friendly drop off recycling center.

“You’ll be able to drive a fire engine over a lift it and raise it so you can work underneath it,” McGlynn said. “This ability to do maintenance will make all the equipment last a lot longer.”

Full air and vapor barriers are incorporated into the building’s design to prevent air leakage. It houses a rain water harvesting system that will be able to hold water taken from the roof drainage system, which can be used for irrigation or street sweeping. The new building features a conference room that will act as a command center for major snow, rain or other weather emergencies. There is also a small kitchen, locker rooms, showers, and a security system. In addition, the roof is solar ready as we continue to solicit options for solar power use.

"I extend my thanks to the architects, Weston and Sampson, and the general contractor, G & R Construction, for this high tech facility."

Source: Alex Ruppenthal wickedlocal.com

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