Medfield Public Safety building

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A continuous stream of people swept through the new Medfield Public Safety building, climbing into fire engines, exploring prisoner cells, and peeking into dorms and locker rooms.
“I think it came out fantastic. I really do,” said John Nunnari, an architect and the co-chairman for the Medfield Permanent Building Committee. With 20 years of building experience, he added, “Honestly, this is probably the building I’m most proud of.”
The town opened the over 40,000 square foot combined police and fire station on the same site as the old public safety building.

The cost of the building is expected to be $600,000 less than the Town Meeting-appropriated $19 million.
“The (permanent building) committee did a great job,” Town Manager Mike Sullivan said, “I think it really is the smoothest job since I’ve been here.”
The new building is on the same site as the old one – on the corner of North Street and Dale Street.
“This one is designed for decades and decades and decades,” Police Chief Bob Meaney said, of the new building. “It’s designed to be here, and stay here, and last.”

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